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1. All information, analysis and evaluation on the website helps you to have a realistic view in the field of investment management and financial risk management. All information of the site is for reference only, we are not responsible for any decision to buy or sell your investment (unless you have a contract with us). Invest in what you deeply figure out.

2.We change the information, articles, documents, services, prices on the website without inform you (except in other cases).

3. Please read our terms carefully. It is synonymous with your approval of the payment and participation in terms of this website when you click “Agree” button.

4. Your investment must to be compatible with the Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and International Laws.

5. ‘Please do not use the website’s information for any purpose.

6. Please do not post, share and comment information of the page in the direction of misrepresenting the guidelines and policies of the Party and the Laws of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

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